The secret of heat...

See clearly in darkest of night or step outside the visible spectrum in the height of day.

Thermal Imaging: Safe, Efficient, Accurate

What you can’t see that a thermal imaging camera can is heat. The tiny differences in heat can help you see landmarks, obstacles, and other vessels clearly in the brightest of day and darkest of night.

No worries now about hitting rocks, buoys, floating debris, or other hazards. Moreover, when someone goes overboard, thermal cameras can help you find people in the water fast, which can determine a life or death within minutes.

Spotlights and flashlights do not always reveal what you are looking for, especially at far distances. Usually the issue is that the light is never bright enough or the range is never long enough. With FLIR thermal imaging, you can detect anything from afar and find what you are looking for. Whether looking for people in water or approaching vessels, these cameras are a necessity to have on your vessel.

Stay on the water a while, we got you covered!

Real-World Applications


Detect approaching vessels, determine crew onboard, and gather information on hostile vessels.

Man Overboard

Quickly spot men in the water when visual identification is difficult. Seconds count.

Night Vision

Operate your vessel with a higher degree of safety. Thermal helps the captain identify obstacles and helps give a general understanding the surroundings.

Oil Spill Detection

Due to subtle differences in temperature between water and oil, Golden thermal was used in the Deepwater Horizon Disaster to identify oil slicks.

Iceberg Detection

Ice is often a hidden disaster waiting to happen. By identifying them early on, the crew can react to the situation and navigate safely.

Featured Products

Flir M-Series

If you are looking for the standard thermal imaging system, Golden Technologies has the solution for you. The M-Series provides concise, clear thermal imagery in the black of night or worse conditions of smoke and fog. Designed for the most demanding maritime applications, this camera is the perfect tool for nighttime navigation, shipboard security, man overboard situation, anti-piracy and many other applications.


  • M-Series systems use cutting-edge Ethernet connectivity for easy installation, control, and interface with other on-board electronics.
  • Rugged, waterproof gimbal enclosure provides a continuous 360° pan and +/-90° tilt field of regard for horizon-to-horizon visibility.
  • Come in either 320 × 240 standard resolution, or 640 × 480 high-resolution format
  • 2× e-zoom function that lets you see farther at night
  • Incorporates an extreme lowlight micro-lux TV camera for improved visibility during twilight hours, and when operating in areas with some ambient light like intracoastal waterways and harbor entrances.
  • Joystick control unit

Flir Voyager

Used for long-range distance, the Voyager is the perfect night vision system for your vessel on opens waters. With a wide field-of-view imager for situational awareness, obstacle avoidance, and navigation, and a narrow field-of-view imager, this camera can detect any hazards and other vessels from afar, including people in water or on other vessels.


  • Crisp thermal images from dual 320 x 240 thermal cameras
  • Continuous zoom
  • Integrated long-range daylight / low-light camera with continuous zoom
  • Advanced gyro-stabilization
  • Radar Tracking and Slew-to-Cue
  • Optional Video Tracking
  • Optional Temperature Indication
  • Optional Surveillance Mode and Picture-in-Picture

Flir MD-Series

Are you looking for a smaller more affordable thermal night vision system to fit a smaller space aboard your vessel? The MD-Series is the best solution for you. Its fixed-mount system helps steer around obstacles, avoid collisions, and finds people in the water.


  • Available in 320 x 240 and 640 x 480 resolutions
  • 2x e-zoom standard; 4x e-zoom included on MD-625
  • Ethernet-enabled for simple integration into your current electronics
  • Slim profile (7” high and only three pounds) makes for an unobtrusive mount

Flir HM/MS Series

Need a portable lightweight handheld thermal night vision camera that you can take anywhere? Whether on a vessel or at home, the HM & MS Series cameras are the answer to your needs. Battery operated with displayed video on a built in screen, these cameras provide go anywhere imaging for clarity in total darkness, smoke, and light fog.


  • Compact, light weight, easy-to-use designs
  • Choose 240 × 180 or full 320 × 240 thermal resolution; the higher resolution option gives you better image detail and range performance.
  • Thermal night vision lets you see clearly in total darkness.
  • See more and get all the details with 2× E-Zoom and Freeze Frame functions.
  • Capture still images and video (not available in MS-Series).
  • Rugged, all-weather design – HM-Series is even submersible!