Tracvision TV3


Product Description

Compact and Powerful Satellite TV System for Merchant Maritime Crew Entertainment

Give your crew the television entertainment that boosts morale with the new TracVision TV3, a 37 cm (14.5 inch) antenna from KVH, the leader in marine satellite television for 20 years. TracVision TV3’s high performance tracking, based on advanced algorithms, delivers crystal-clear television picture even in heavy seas. Advanced inertial-based stabilized search enables fast satellite acquisition so there is no waiting time for the crew to start watching their favorite programs – from DIRECTV®, DISH Network®, Bell TV, and circular and linear Ku-band services worldwide.

  • Easy-to-use System for Bringing Satellite TV to the Vessel

    With its single coaxial cable for power, data, and video, the TracVision TV3 provides easy installations and retrofits for merchant vessels. The new and innovative TracVision TV-Hub, a streamlined belowdecks unit, makes the system extremely easy to use:

    • IP-enabled antenna control unit with Ethernet connection and built-in Wi-Fi interface allows access to system information from any Wi-Fi device
    • Automatic satellite switching makes it easy to access all programming and local channels
    • Web interface enables fast access to antenna status and diagnostics
  • Features:

    • 37 cm (14.5 inch) diameter antenna features proprietary RingFire™ technology for stronger signals, wider geographic coverage, and better reception
    • Supports DIRECTV, DISH Network, Bell TV, and circular and linear Ku-band regional services worldwide
    • Sleek IP-enabled TracVision TV-Hub delivers easy setup and operation, and easy user interface for system information from any smartphone, tablet, smart TV, or computer
    • HDTV compatible (Ku-band services only)
    • Integrated Single Wire Multiswitch (SWM-8) built into belowdecks TV-Hub supports up to 8 DIRECTV receivers
    • Single coaxial cable for power, data, and video enables easy installations and retrofits
    • DVB-S2 compatible
    • Advanced inertial-based stabilized search for fast satellite acquisition
    • High performance tracking with advanced algorithms for crystal-clear television picture in heavy seas
    • Built-in worldwide satellite library
    • IP AutoSwitch option for multiple receiver installations – for simple auto-switching with the master receiver’s remote control, when used in North America with a DiSEqC-compatible satellite receiver (DISH Network and Bell TV)
    • World-class warranty coverage and support

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