Always on call. Connect on the open waters!

Need a phone system on your vessel to connect you to the outside world while at sea? We have your connection!

Why Golden VoIP?

Companies in the maritime industry are always looking to do more with less. Golden Technologies uses state-of-the-art technology to reliably transmit phone calls over a data connection. With our marine VoIP solutions, your vessels can increase productivity and efficiency without having to dock.

With improvements to the VoIP service over the past years, you can now benefit from upgrading with Golden. Our services are customizable to your needs and will exceed all of your expectations.

Key Features of Golden VoIP

Work on Water

With the latest advances in voice call technology, your Golden VoIP system will never go down because of high call volume. Plus there are no additional servers necessary, thus saving previous space onboard.

Low Cost, Quick Install

Golden Technologies charges a flat rate—guaranteed. No more worrying about fees. Use as you please.

Features You Will Use

Our system gives you the ability to take calls on your laptop or smartphone in addition to the traditional phones. You can access your address book with the same ease. We strive to allow you to communicate in a way that is convenient for you.

Communicate better and faster. Call Golden Technologies and get your VoIP service today!