Prepare to be boarded!

Golden is bringing satellite TV where its never been before—aboard your vessel.

Onboard Entertainment Done Right

No matter what the weather brings or where your crew may be, the job (and the show) must go on. Golden has teamed up with DirecTV to deliver reliable satellite TV services onboard vessels roaming the open waters. Enjoy over 185 all-digital channels anywhere in the world thanks to Golden Technology's Stabilized Satellite Systems. Plus, you'll have access to the same sports in HD, local channels, and premium movie channels you enjoy at home. Rest assured that we don't just sell it. We also install it, service it, maintain it, and stand behind it.

Stabilized Satellite Systems

We Provide Fully Compliant Solutions

The 2006 Maritime Labor Conventions 2006 (MLC-2006 Regulation 3.1) laid out clear requirements for accommodation and recreational facilities in ships built after 2005. We are thoroughly versed in the regulations and understand the importance of recreation aboard maritime vessels. Our system provides the highest level of reliability to ensure that your vessel stays in compliance. With many technicians on hand, we are there to keep your crew motivated.

The Com2000 Satellite Free-to-Guest Experience

Get a whole different HD and SD Satellite Free-to-Guest experience with the Com2000 on your oil platform or vessel. The COM2000 system has been designed specifically for installations where there is a need for a single wire solution for multiple rooms or quarters.

Compact Form Factor

The COM2000 offers up to 48 channels of HD or SD video and integrated EdgeQAM’s in only 3 units of rack space. This compact design also results in dramatic power savings from typical stacked receiver solutions.

HD Content Protection

For High-Definition solutions which require copy protection, the COM46 and COM24 HD receiver blades add Pro:Idiom™ or Samsung LYNK™ encryption to the HD content which can be played back on any Pro:Idiom™ or Samsung LYNK™ enabled receiver device or Television.

On-Screen Program Guide

The COM2000 is the only head-end based Free-to-Guest solution that includes a no additional charge on-screen channel guide which is configurable with your unique logo.

Integrated Edge QAM

Available as a plug-in module for the COM360 and COM200 chassis, the QAM6 reduces overall system costs and simplifies the installation and maintenance for the COM2000. The QAM6, sold as a 6-channel QAM can be software upgraded to an 8, 10 or 12-channel QAM device, capable of delivering up to 24 (36*) streams of DIRECTV™ HD content or 96 streams of DIRECTV SD content. The COM360 chassis has slots for 2 QAM6 devices for up to a total of 24 QAM channels in a single chassis.

*3 DIRECTV streams per QAM is possible on a properly balanced system—please ask your distributor or Technicolor for more information.

Remote Management

The COM2000, including all the receiver blades and EdgeQAM’s, can be managed and monitored remotely over the internet or local network using a simple web-browser based management interface.

Why DirecTV & Golden Technologies?

Compare for Yourself

Choices abound. But the more you compare us with other TV providers the more clearly you’ll see that no one delivers a more complete or better entertainment experience.

Compare DirecTV with DISH

Premium Content

Give your crew access to premium content such as NFL Sunday Ticket MAX and all that comes with it. They'll have access to every minute of every out-of-market game, DirecTV's RED ZONE CHANNEL, Player Tracker, NFL Sunday Ticket on Demand, and much more! They'll even be able to watch up to 8 games at once with the Mix Channel.

Channels So Clear You'll Feel Like You're There

Your crew may be off the coast of Nigeria, but they'll get a little taste of home in crystal-clear HD when they hit the galley. We have over 285 of your favorite channels and we deliver more of it in breathtaking HD than anyone. With all this "R&R" they're sure to be a peak productivity when their shift comes around.

Your vessel is state-of-the-art. Why shouldn't your TV work as hard?

The vast selection and extensive collection of HD channels are just the beginning. With DirecTV & Golden Technologies, you get all the TV you love, live or On-Demand, on any screen you want and the cutting-edge technology to experience it like never before.

We're your one-stop shop!

Not only do we provide satellite TV service and setup, we also sell tracking satellite dishes to round out your system.