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Keep your vessel secure from aboard or afar with Golden's wide range of anti-piracy solutions.

Proactive Anti-Piracy

We offer a full line of state-of-the-art wireless security, monitoring, satellite tracking, surveillance, acoustic deterrents, and cloaking systems for any size vessel from tenders to ships. Our systems help protect against theft, fire, smoke, high water in the bilge, low voltage, loss of shore power and intrusion with contact sensors, motion detectors, infrared beam sensors, deck sensors, dock pull away sensors and many more. Golden's sensors, sirens, acoustic sound barriers, and flashing lights can chase off intruders before the boat is ever stolen and needs to be tracked (although we do that too).

Our Product Line

Long Range Acoustic Device (LRAD)

With Pirate attacks becoming a nuisance on open waters, how can you protect your vessel? The answer is with LRAD. LRAD is a high-intensity directional acoustic hailer designed for long-range communication and issuing powerful warning tones. It absorbs directed sound technology to maneuver the security engagement to an excess of 3000 meters in any language. With that said, the next crucial step is to stand down or move to a more contentious standpoint. Is your vessel prepared against threats on open waters?

Sound is your best defense!
LRAD Systems

Non-Lethal Laser Countermeasure

Golden Technologies is on the forefront of anti-piracy laser countermeasures. In fact, our brand-new laser countermeasure system is the first of its kind. A Non-Lethal Laser Countermeasure is a visible deterrent, specifically designed for the maritime industry that is intended to temporarily blind or disorient a target that has their eyes on your vessel. With so much invested in your vessel and crew lives at stake, you deserve more countermeasures than have been available on the market, and that's why we built this system at a reasonable cost.

  • Features:

    • IP67 rating- pressurized enclosure

    • Distance of 5kmt depending upon lighting conditions

    • RS-232 control with standard formatting for LRAD

    • Visible non-lethal deterrent signaling “do not enter” for a location

    • Long range; universal in any language signaling intent

    • High power laser compliant with import and export regulations

    • Laboratory grade CPSS laser with >5000 hours MTBF

    • Industry leading 3 year warranty

    • Custom control options for your implementation

Flir Sensors Manager

FLIR Sensors Manager offers powerful and efficient management capabilities for any security installation with FLIR Systems thermal imaging cameras. FLIR Sensors Manager allows to automatically locate FLIR Systems thermal imaging cameras in the network and to easily control them. Just connect the thermal imaging camera to the network, install FLIR Sensors Manager and hit the “discover” button and you will be able to manage and control the camera. Thanks to FLIR Sensors Manager, the management of FLIR Systems thermal imaging cameras over a network will become extremely easy. The 2012 pro version contains a number of useful modes that will help you make the most out your security network.

More Info

GOST Phantom

The new GOST Phantom can now support up to 64 wireless sensors for security and monitoring & 8 wireless relays to control any AC/DC functions on board your vessel. Monitor high water in the bilge, low voltage, loss of shore power, temperatures in bait & food freezers, smoke, intrusion and so much more. Sophisticated, marinized deck pressure sensors, door contacts, dual optical passive infrared motion sensors and pull sensors alert you to intrusion or potential theft on your vessel. “Prevent the event” by programming a siren and flashing lights to go off when a sensor is triggered and get would thieves off your boat immediately. When an event occurs, the Phantom will call/text up to 8 phone numbers with a voice recording or text message letting you know the vessel’s status and the event that has occurred.

Key fob control allows for easy arming/disarming and displays the system’s status using visual (LED) and auditory feedback. Up to 6 different functions can be programmed and the system’s stats can be checked with the push of a button. Remotely call in from any phone to check the system’s status, arm/disarm the system, control outputs (turn things on or off such as a lights, air conditioning or even your ice maker before a fishing trip!), leave messages for friends and crew, or call in to have two way conversations with those on board through the units hands free speaker phone. Have contractors on your vessel working by the hour? Your GOST Phantom unit can be set to discreetly make calls to you when certain codes are entered to disarm the system so you know exactly who is on your boat and when they arrive.

Another great feature of the GOST Phantom head unit is the ability to arm two separate partitions. This allows users to have two independent security systems in one, allowing individual arming/disarming of separate areas of the vessel. This can be particularly handy if the vessel owner wants to have the crew quarters and engine room independent from the rest of the vessel or however you wish to configure it.

GOST Cloak

Most property loss occurs in the initial minutes of a break-in, before police or security teams have had a chance to respond. The GOST Cloak system is designed to provide protection in the critical time gap between the alarm’s activation and the response team’s arrival at the scene.

In a matter of seconds, the GOST Cloak fills the protected area with an impenetrable cloud of smoke that prevents the loss of property, confuses the thief, and forces the intruder out of the premises until the response team arrives.

The fog is created by vaporizing a specially formulated glycol solution. Glycol is classified as a foodstuff and is found in many day-to-day substances such as toothpaste and deodorants. The vapor produced is a dense, white fog which reduces visibility to less than 30 cm, practically nil visibility, but which, under normal usage, is harmless to anything found aboard the yacht or commercial ship.

GOST Nav-Tracker

Locate the exact position of the vessel anywhere in the world and track its every move 27/7 from any computer or cell phone with internet access. In the event the boat is stolen, the system is designed to alert the owner and up to 9 other recipients with an email and/or text message. When armed, the system creates a 500 meter geo-fence (radius) around the vessel. If the vessel moves outside the geo-fence, the system will immediately send emails and text messages to up to 10 people, every 15 minutes (programmable from 2 min to 30 min) with the vessel’s latitude, longitude, speed & heading. Insight GPS will report when the system is armed, disarmed or goes into alarm. Paradox Marine was awarded a medal by the US Coast Guard for assisting in the recovery of various high profile vessels using this tracking system, some in less than 1 hour after being stolen!

GOST EZ-Tracker

The GOST EZ-Tracker 1.0 is 100% self sustaining and does not need to be connected to external power thanks to its long life lithium ion battery. It can send 2 reports a day for up to 5 years and is perfect for deployment where there is no external power source. The GOST EZ-Tracker 1.0 uses the new 5th generation GOST NAV-TRACKER website and it has the new website based geo-fence functions, but it does not have the traditional system based geo-fence functions the GOST NAV-TRACKER family has.

The other difference between the GOST EZ-Tracker 1.0 System and the GOST Nav-Tracker Systems is that between position reports, the GOST EZ-Tracker 1.0 goes into sleep mode and can not be communicated with. It will wake up to send position reports at predefined intervals and will also wake up once a day to receive any messages sent to it over the previous 24 hours. A typical message sent to the unit would be to change its reporting interval.

Measuring just 10'"x 7" x 2", the GOST EZ-Tracker 1.0 is one of the smallest self-contained tracking devices available that allows both monitoring and communicating with the asset anywhere in the world. The terminal and integral 19 Ah battery will operate in the most demanding of environments, provide up to 5 years maintenance free operation when set to report twice daily and will indicate when power is getting low. The GOST EZ-Tracker 1.0 also incorporates a key switch that allows for an "On" and "Off" to preserve the life of the battery when the terminal is not in use. The GOST EZ Tracker 1.0 terminal incorporates magnetic feet and fixed mounting points, providing flexibility for the user to monitor transitory or fixed assets.

GOST Acoustic Barrier

GOST Acoustic Barrier can function as a Sound Barrier or as a traditional siren effectively stoping intruders in their tracks by generating a patented unbearable pattern, frequency, and intensity of noise. Sound Barrier mode is achieved by pairs or arrays of units. In siren mode, a single GOST Acoustic Barrier covers areas up to 70 square meters/750 square feet. Larger areas can be covered with several units.

Installation of the GOST Acoustic Barrier cheats the intruder of the few minutes that could be used between alarm activation and arrival of security or police, protecting the secured areas for that crucial period of time and continuing for the duration of continuous signal.

GOST Watch

With the GOST Watch HD System remote monitoring of all activities onboard the vessel can be done from any computer or Smartphone with internet access, anywhere in the world.

Cameras can be set to record clips to the website based on motion detection and sent via email or text message to a computer or mobile phone.