It is a small world after all!

With Golden AIS and Central Tracking Solutions, your vessels are never more than a click away. See realtime locations, headings, fuel levels, and much more!

What is AIS?

The International Maritime Organization (IMO) has mandated that all vessels over a certain length be equipped with an AIS Transponder unit. This unit utilizes a combination of GPS and VHF radio technologies to transmit a vessel position, which is shared with other vessels via radio transmissions. When this signal is received by a vessel, it can show the immediate updated position of other vessels in the vicinity.

Key Features of Golden AIS

Live Vessel Tracking

Vessel positions and data are updated instantly and pushed to our servers for real-time tracking.

Small Footprint Receivers

We use small footprint Networked AIS Receiver stations to minimize spacial impact at locations.

Private Coverage Options

Our specialty coverage options provide unparalleled integration with existing Wide Area Networks.

Hosted AIS (Optional)

Your AIS data can be transmitted to our secure data center where it will be sandboxed for enhanced security while saving high overhead costs of in-house data centers and servers. Additionally, customers have the option of upgrading to a dedicated server.

Multiple Software Options

Your data can be viewed via a web based thin client or installable software thick clients based on your needs.