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Security in Today's World

In today’s world, access control means more than just locking doors, posting signs, and hiring security guards. Now, businesses and other institutions need highly sophisticated access control systems more than ever. From violence in the workplace to terrorist activity, for the protection of employees and sensitive computer information, corporate managers are confronted with security problems on a day-to-day basis. Currently, access control tools and solutions range from a simple stand-alone hinge door unit to a fully integrated security access system. Retail stores, airport terminals, business and educational campuses, clinics, hospital and private nurseries are just a few examples of areas in need of access control. We offer products such as magnetically controlled locking hardware, keypads, card-reading devices, application software, monitoring and peripheral devices, and much more. We can provide you with what you'll need to safeguard your environment from potential intrusion.

Infinias Electronic Access Control

Infinias's Intelli-M Access ethernet-enabled integrated door controller is among the first PoE (Power over Ethernet) access control system controllers launched in the security industry that provides fully distributed intelligence for access control and alarm monitoring. This cutting-edge Ethernet-enabled door controller is packed with powerful features that can fit in a small, compact dual gang box to control all peripheral door hardware.

Easy to install and program, this controller operates autonomously with true peer-to-peer communication, independent of a network or PC workstation and is designed to minimize the impact of any component failure. Connections to peripheral equipment can be verified on the spot using built-in line status indicators. The Intelli-M eIDC controller can operate independently with its embedded Web server or with several Intelli-M eIDC controllers through the server-based Intelli-M Supervisor Plus security management software.

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